1. Introduction
  • MMLinx is a Tray application. When the application is started it shows an MMLinx icon in the Windows tray area. All functions can be accessed by right-clicking on the icon.

  1. Start application
  • To Start MMLinx application click the “Start” button, click “All Programs”, click “MMLinx”, and then click “MMLinx” icon

  1. Exit application
  • Right- click the MMLinx tray icon and select “Exit”.

  1. Setup Dialog
  • Right- click the MMLinx tray icon and select “Show Setup Dialog…” or double-click the tray icon.

  • Check/Uncheck “Run MMLinx when I log in to Windows” to Start Sharing with log in.

  • You need to create a unique user name that will be used in your web link. Type the name you want to use and click Create User Name button. You will see a warning if this user name is already taken.

  • If you want the access to your Media Library protected with a password then, check “Protect with Password” and input the password in the password edit box

  • Click “Configure Network Connection” to launch “Network connection” dialog Click “Configure URL” to launch “Configure URL” dialog

  • Check “Copy web link to Clipboard” to copy the web link into Clipboard for use in your Email.

  1. “Configure Network Connection” Dialog
  • Launch “Network Connection” dialog from Setup Dialog Select type of your Internet connection Input your internal and external port settings

  • If you choose to manually configure your Router then input the same ports you assigned in the router’s setup.

  • You can use this website for port forwarding instructions on your Router:

  • Select “Test Bandwidth” to measure with the help of the external website Input the maximum upload bandwidth you want to be used by the application.

  1. Notifications
  • MMLinx uses tooltips to notify you about application status. At any time you can move your mouse over the tray icon to check the current status.

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